Palkittuja ratkaisuja

Olemme erityisen tyytyväisiä, kun ratkaisumme saavat tunnustusta asiakkaillemme tuottavista tuloksista. Tässä ratkaisujamme, joita on palkittu niiden luomasta vaikutuksesta.


GOLD: Infomedia & Dansk Magisterforening/Akademikerbladet
The use of expert sources in the media – a game changer in the public debate on diversity.

SILVER: Infomedia & Lidl
Building a GPS for storytelling: Pushing social responsibility within the food service industry.

BRONZE: Infomedia & Faelledby LLC
Data-driven insights for early communication strategy development within the sustainable housing sector.


SILVER: Infomedia & DSB
Evaluating Social Performance: A cohesive score for measuring and fostering success across social channels.

BRONZE: Infomedia & ONE-OF-US
Towards greater social inclusion – Evaluation of the media’s role in stigmatizing mental illnesses.


GOLD: Infomedia & Matprat / Animalia
Meat lovers – despite alarming trends on climate change, animal welfare, health issues, and political reluctance.


GOLD: Infomedia & Anonymous: 
A journey from media surveillance to a holistic overview of the media.


Silver: Infomedia A/S & Multiple clients
Merging the needs of the communications director with the mindset of top management


Bronze: Infomedia Norway & NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)
Half of all tweets about the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK are negative – How? Why? When? And what to do?


Bronze: Infomedia A/S & Commercial Clients
Global Goals Explorer – tapping into the global agenda of sustainability.


Bronze: Infomedia A/S & Danish Crown
Danish Crown improved its brand reputation through targeted communication.


Bronze: Infomedia A/S & ONE OF US (Danish: EN AF OS)
Every success starts with great research: How ‘ONE OF US’ destigmatized mental illness in the media.


Silver: Infomedia A/S for Top-40 companies in Denmark
Creating a framework for proving the value of CEO activism and CEO communication


Bronze: Infomedia A/S for The entire Nordic SMB market
Democratize data for the masses by offering a ‘perfectly fitted t-shirt’ in a market of ‘haute couture’-analysis


Silver: Infomedia for Danish Society for Nature Conservation
Øctober (Organic October)


Bronze: Infomedia A/S for a Public Sector Client
Ensures agenda ownership through media analysis and simple measurement reporting

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