Press release, 7th JULY 2022

Infomedia invests in MediaCatch

Infomedia invests in MediaCatch, hereby strengthening the monitoring of audio and video in the company’s media monitoring solution. Through Infomedia, MediaCatch also gains access to both a Nordic and international market.

Infomedia has invested in tech startup company MediaCatch and their software platform, which represents a next generation of media monitoring technology specialized in audio and video. MediaCatch’s technology is based on AI and can be used for monitoring and recognition of text, logos, objects, faces, moods, gender, age, etc. across broadcast, podcast, YouTube, streaming services and social media.

– Our co-ownership of MediaCatch has clear product synergies. Infomedia provides media monitoring and communication insights to customers in the Nordic region and internationally, with MediaCatch we can incorporate technology and know-how in an area we want to further strengthen. We are continuously improving our monitoring solutions, where audio, image and video monitoring has been given greater focus. With this investment, we will improve the quality of our solutions in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish, and the main international languages can be added through the possibilities available via MediaCatch, says Infomedia’s CEO Thomas Vejlemand.

With roots firmly planted in SDU’s university and research environment, MediaCatch continues to have strong relationships with the research area within AI, sound and images.

– We set out to rethink media monitoring of video and audio 24/7 with the most advanced AI technologies and smart software solutions, says CTO and co-founder of MediaCatch, Filip Wallberg.

– It has exceeded all expectations. This is just the start and we look forward to the collaboration with Infomedia, says CEO and co-founder, MediaCatch Lars Damgaard Nielsen

In connection with the investment, the board of directors composition at MediaCatch will change, with Kate Wichmann, CFO at Infomedia joining. In addition, investor and media adviser Keld Reinicke will become chairman of the board.

– I think Infomedia’s size and position in the market combined with our startup energy will set new standards for media monitoring. Not just in the Nordics but also in the rest of the world. I look forward to being a part of that, says Keld Reinicke.

The investment in MediaCatch procedes Infomedia’s acquisition of the technology company Opoint in 2018, which provided a leading position internationally within online news content monitoring and the acquisition of the media monitoring company M-Brain in 2019, which strengthened Infomedia’s position in the Nordic region.

– The investment in MediaCatch is part of a long-term strategy to become a leading player in data-driven communication insights in the Nordic region and internationally. Together with MediaCatch, we will significantly strengthen our media monitoring platform, and we are also expanding our delivery range with new services within sponsorship measurement, diversity measurement, etc. says Infomedia’s CEO Thomas Vejlemand.

The collaboration comes into force in July 2022, when Infomedia obtains an ownership share of 23%.

Learn more about MediaCatch’s AI and software in this video:

For further information

Thomas Vejlemand
CEO, Infomedia
+45 31373025

Keld Reinicke
Chairman of the Board, MediaCatch
+45 31 40 00 48

Lars Damgaard Nielsen
CEO og co-founder, MediaCatch
+45 93 50 75 87

About Infomedia

The Infomedia Group develops, operates and advises on digital solutions within Media Intelligence, in the form of media monitoring, media analyzes and communication insights. Infomedia Group’s ambition is to be the preferred supplier to companies and organizations in the Nordic region and strengthen customers’ insight into their communication and reputation across news and social media locally and internationally. Infomedia is increasingly involved in international tenders. Infomedia also owns the technology company Opoint. Opoint delivers news feeds to e.g. media monitoring and IT companies internationally, through web crawling technology

Infomedia has 250 employees in offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm, Oslo and Tallinn as well as a sales office in London for the subsidiary Opoint.

The company Ninestars from Chennai is a strategic partner in media data processes. Infomedia also collaborates with two international software companies within social media monitoring and management, Talkwalker and Hootsuite. VOCAST is affiliated as a partner, through which media monitoring can be linked more closely to PR distribution, newsrooms and journalist databases.

About MediaCatch

MediaCatch is a next-gen audio and visual media intelligence software. The company’s AI technology understands what goes on in videos, audio, and images 24/7 across channels and platforms. MediaCatch currently live scans +30 TV channels, +15 radio channels, +650 web media, Danish YouTube, and selected social media.

MediaCatch offers brand and media analyzes as well as a number of products such as sponsorship analytics, diversity analyzes, and media monitoring as software as a service.

MediaCatch has technologies within e.g. logo, sound, speech, object, and facial recognition as well as other technologies that can detect humor, scenarios, and much more. The company is independent of ”big tech” and monitors all media and calculates everything itself.

MediaCatch, a software and technology startup, evolved out of a research project at the University of Southern Denmark, which continues to be a co-owner. The company was co-founded by CTO, Filip Wallberg, CEO, Lars Damgaard Nielsen, CIAO, Anders Glent Buch, and CDO, Cæcilie Bach Kjærulf, and employs 11 full-time employees. MediaCatch has previously received seed capital from Keld Reinicke, Jørgen Madsen Lindemann, Thomas Busch and Henrik Juul.


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